Web Services

Many of the services I can provide, are listed below. If you wish to get a quote for any of the services below, or any other task, please use the contact form.

Personal and Business Website Design

Businesses can benefit hugely from a web presence, from simply having a small 'business card' site, which includes one or two pages with the company's function and contact details, to fully fledged ecommerce system to sell their products and services to a potential audience around the world.

I can produce designs for the site, and develop the code accordingly.

Individuals can also benefit, whether it is for business purposes, to promote a hobby or just to present an autobiography.

Skinning/Theming of Content Management Systems

There are many 'off the shelf' content management systems such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, which are extremely popular and can host a wide variety of features, which make both editing and the usability of the website far easier. When you install a content management system, you will be presented with a generic template known as a 'theme' or 'skin'. Although you can download additional themes from the internet, you may want something which fits in with your company branding, which I can design the theme and implement.

Web Based Information Management Systems with Database Back-End

In addition to public websites, I can create information management systems to assist with the running of your business. This may be to hold records for clients or another purpose. These will usually be linked to an SQL database off-site and backed up, meaning that the data is constantly kept safe, should disaster strike.

Search Engine Optimization

Although having your website on the internet is the first step, ensuring that it is SEO compliant is a separate task of it's own, especially if the site has not been designed with this in mind. I can provide advice on how best to optimize your site, and how to get your site ranking highly within search results.


Selling products online can be extremely successful, and can be an added feature of any business in the retail industry. I can install and skin Magento, an ecommerce system, link to a payment gateway, and give advice/training with regards to management of the site.